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Daniela Bessia 安达


Shanghai most influential people / China Central TV Award Winner / International Host

Daniela Anahí Bessia better known by her stage name in China ” 安达“ Ãn-dá, is an Argentinian singer, songwriter, actress and international TV Host. 
Languages: Spanish (mother-tongue) English and Chinese. 
She is best known for her performances on China National TV where she 
receives the support of thousand fans on all Chinese social media platforms.   

BDaniela was born in Buenos Aires and moved to Shanghai China around 2012 to pursue a career in modern music.

In Argentina she sang for many festivals and important events, like performing in the Chinese Embassy .

Soon in Buenos Aires, she was offered a full scholarship to learn Chinese in Shanghai, and began performing all over China as a TV guest, in special events and on countless tours, as well as performing for brands such as Audi, Heineken, Lamborghini, Mitsubishi, Martell Noblige, Chivas Regal, Porsche, ELLE, KFC, Sheraton's Hotel, Mercedes Benz to name just a few.

BDaniela has shared the stage with Chinese superstars on China’s most famous TV shows. She has become one of the most recognizable icons in Shanghai thanks to being one of the few foreign singers who is able to professionally perform in Mandarin and also is the only foreign who was invited to perform in the opening ceremony of China’s Got Talent as a guest .

At the moment she is recording her new album with all songs sang in Chinese, English and Spanish; the Chinese version will be showcased on China National TV throughout the 2017 television season. In addition to 2016 she has 2 International TV shows where BDaniela is the main Host and can be watched in al the Spanish-Countries including China.

Currently she is preparing for several huge festivals where she will be an official guest and for the future Chinese TV performances!

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